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Welcome to ColorCo

Coalition of Low Risk Companies

The industries first and only true low risk processing firm

Does your business qualify as low risk?

Void of Excessive Chargebacks

• A chargeback occurs when a customer disputes a charge through their card issuer and you lose the dispute.

• Chargebacks cannot exceed more than 1% of annual revenue.

Established Business

• Not a start-up business.

• Must have a proven history of processing credit cards.

• Six months-three years’ minimum of processing history.*

* Length of processing time varies depending on industry type.

Low-Risk Industry

• No adult entertainment, travel agencies, night clubs (w/ bottle service), etc. Click here for a full list of prohibited industry types.  see attachment

Clean Financial History

• No MATCH list merchants. (The MATCH list is a blocklist for credit card processing. Businesses on the MATCH list have been deemed a significant risk for payment processors or have had merchant accounts terminated previously due to fraudulent activity.)

• No active business bankruptcies.

• No active personal bankruptcies (signer).

• Signer is a U.S. citizen.

Future Services/International Shipping/Miscellaneous

• Delivery of services or products cannot exceed one year from the time of the transaction.

• Products or services shipped or rendered internationally cannot exceed 5% of yearly revenue.**

• No free-trial subscription-based services.

• No extended warranty services.

**Excludes Canada.

Low Risk. Low Rates.

The Future of Processing.

The Final Stop for All Your Processing Needs

Professional Services

Whether you’re an accountant, attorney, doctor, dentist, veterinarian or other professional, we partner with you to deliver ultra-reliable, innovative solutions that enhance profit margins and reduce the risk of chargebacks — all without hidden fees.


Working directly with suppliers, wholesalers and distributors, we offer uncapped benefits to B2B merchants. We provide the secure, seamless and simple benefits of payment processing coupled with the lowest rates possible for corporate cards, reward cards and large transactions.

Service Industries

With our easy, on-the-go wireless transactions and unmatched, lightning-fast solutions, we are the premier choice for plumbers, contractors and HVAC technicians.


We partner with various retail stores across the nation, driving sales, nurturing customer experiences and fostering a culture of convenience.


Repair shops and car showrooms benefit from our low-fee savings and cutting-edge POS systems, whether you want an on-the-go system or a comprehensive alternative.


Through our world-class systems, you can finally tap into the future of payment processing regardless of your industry, goals and needs.