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Hassle-Free Retail Solutions
Launch loyalty programs, process transactions, print receipts and unlock powerful insights. As a hub of innovation, we’re bringing the globe’s leading point-of-sale products to retail firms across the nation with a focus on airtight security measures, optimal efficiency and complete flexibility. From remaining compliant and protecting customer data to accepting your customer’s preferred payment method, we take care of those details so you don’t have to.

Go Further
Whether you’re seeking a simple wireless terminal for pop-up stores or a full-scale in-store solution, we analyze your needs, explore next-generation solutions and create bespoke packages to implement technologies that adapt seamlessly to your day-to-day activities.

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Professional Services

Professional Services, Made Easy
Combat costly fees while delivering exceptional user experiences. Our point-of-sale systems are designed to drive efficiency and lower costs. We fully understand that credit card fees are an obstacle between you and your patients, customers and clients. That’s why we slash processing costs, giving your users the same stellar care and service without the associated charges.

Strengthen Your Security
We focus on adhering to ever-evolving HIPAA regulations to ensure you remain fully compliant, bringing you cutting-edge solutions to safeguard customer data. With a deep awareness of emerging threats, we safeguard customer data while delivering unmatched POS systems, collating user information, offering rapid invoicing and working directly with your existing solutions.

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Service Industries

One-Tap, On-the-Go Payments
Take payments anywhere, anytime, with a bespoke POS system. Point-of-sale systems are the driving force of service payments, fueling plumbing, lawn care, HVAC and pool repair firms, and we’re bringing unmatched POS technologies to such service industries across the U.S. With pocket-sized terminals for easy transportation, ultra-durable hardware and stress-free processes, it has never been easier to increase your revenue stream.

Level Up
At ColorCo, our team of dedicated experts builds packages for your specific business needs. Whether you want to launch a loyalty program, automate your tasks, better understand the offers that motivate your customers, accept checks or create impermeable security provisions, we have a solution.

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B2B Solutions Designed to Wow
Drive better experiences, lead the technology curve and meet ever-evolving needs. Whether you’re a distributor, supplier or wholesaler, we have dedicated point-of-sale solutions to transform your day-to-day operations. Our easy-to-use products, combined with seamless integration, provide an all-in-one management system to automate your tasks, minimize financial risk, offer one-click invoicing and enhance insights.

A New Age of B2B
From installing next-generation solutions on your hardware to implementing a full POS system, we lead with your versatile needs in mind. We help you streamline your payment solutions by allowing you to process payments of all types — from face-to-face and over-the-phone to online transactions and emailing invoices.

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Upgrade and Save
Collate reports, drive leads and enhance your POS solutions. Whether you’re looking to increase car sales through promotions, offer one-click invoicing or manage your parts inventory through a straightforward point-of-sale system, we bring industry-leading solutions to auto firms everywhere.

Powerful Solutions
We take the time to understand your needs and go through your existing technologies with a fine-tooth comb. Then we build custom-tailored packages that work for you — whether that’s offering multiple terminals for bustling salesrooms or implementing mobile solutions for call-out mechanics. We pass our low-fee savings onto you while providing you with unmatched security provisions and complete compatibility with other hardware.

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Innovatively Simple
Safeguard customer data, offer gift cards, process one-click payments and tap into advanced analytics. Our solutions are designed to give your store, clinic or firm the tools to thrive without complications. Whether you need help driving new audiences, launching promotions, nurturing customer journeys or processing ultra-secure transactions, our point-of-sale products are built with scalability in mind.

Low Fees, Always
Our products implement sophisticated solutions — including working in conjunction with your team, automating tasks and offering digital inventory management — without the sophisticated price tag. No matter what industry you’re in, we mitigate risks, integrate with other platforms and drive sales for you.

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