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Next-Generation eCommerce Solutions

If your business accepts online payments, it’s crucial to have airtight security provisions in place. That’s why we meticulously built our e-commerce solutions — to combat fraud, safeguard customer information and simplify your processing. Whether you need a helping hand or a complete solution, our experts are here to help you.

Fraud Protection

As technology evolves, so does the skillset of the average cybercriminal. No matter how you accept transactions, our innovative Fraud Detect® solution can help you decrease fraud and increase customer confidence.


We help you protect vulnerable data as soon as it enters your system and as it’s transmitted to the card network. With our tokenization solution, the personal account number is replaced with a randomly generated alphanumeric ID, or token, that is meaningless to everyone except the payment processor. This frees you from storing sensitive data in your system and helps minimize PCI scope and liability.

Recurring Payments

By creating a recurring payment schedule that works for both you and your customer, payments automatically come in on time, every time. This increases cash flow and improves customer retention while offering convenience and flexibility for your customers. With our PCI-compliant payment scheduler, merchants and customers can set up a frequency through a hosted payment page, application programming interface or virtual terminal.

Software Integration

Integrating a payment gateway with the software you use to run your business is cost-effective and guaranteed to save you time, provide greater accuracy and ease transaction reconciliation with centralized reporting. APIs allow two applications to talk to each other while plug-ins allow you to modify your existing software platform. Our APIs and plug-ins provide for seamless integration.

QuickBooks Integration

Our exclusive QuickBooks integration (suitable for both the online and software version) allows you to create, send and collect invoices in addition to the ability to reconcile transactions. Save time and become more efficient by opting for email invoices, enrolling in automated payments and managing recurring billing.

Hosted Payment Form

A hosted payment form is a secure way to accept e-commerce credit card payments without the need for a shopping cart. We host the form, which means sensitive payment data does not pass through your system. This reduces your PCI scope and minimizes your liability. Forms can be implemented using a standard template or customized to fit the style of your website.

Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal enables you to turn your PC into a POS device using an Internet connection. Whether you need to take payment over the phone or by mail, simply log in to the gateway to start accepting credit, debit or ACH one-time or recurring transactions.