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Broaden Your Capabilities

This service helps you securely process customer checks and can be done from the comfort of your smartphone, eliminating lengthy processing times and inflexible payment methods.

Secures Your Processing

Our check-processing service focuses on end-to-end protection. Through reducing chargebacks, identity theft and processing fees, we’ll expand your potential customer base while preserving your security.

Creates Happier Customers

We’ll help you operate on your customers’ varying terms. If they’re wary of modern technology and prefer the security of carrying checks, our check processing removes those obstacles to enhance your cash flow.

Minimizes Expenses

Checks offer a convenient way for businesses to stay protected and avoid credit card fees while behaving the same as card payments.

Improves Efficiency

Being able to accept checks within a few taps, you can expect customer checks to process just as simple as your other transactions.

Expands Your Payment Options

Our check-processing technologies are focused on optimal efficiency: From converting checks into e-transactions to cost-effective electronic deposits, you’ll see your checks clear within a matter of days.