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Coalition of Low Risk Companies

The Industry’s First True Low-Risk Merchant Services Provider

Making a Difference by Being Different

ColorCo is comprised of only true industry experts who have 10+ years of industry experience. As an employee-owned company, ColorCo first saw a need for change in the processing industry back in 2014 when many of its owners/employees were working for a merchant services provider that was acquired by one of the largest credit card processing companies in the world. This acquisition proved that bigger is not better and also revealed a huge need in the marketplace for a different way to process. We took a stand by creating a company designed to disrupt the market by putting merchants’ needs first.

No Independent Sales Representatives

Much of the distrust within the processing industry is a result of poorly educated and/or dishonest sales representatives who waste merchants’ time and money. You won’t find any such sales reps here.

No Medium- or High-Risk Merchants

Overall, high-risk merchants cost processing companies more money, punishing lower-risk merchants with higher rates and fees to make up for it. That vicious, unfair cycle stops at ColorCo, as we provide the lowest rates available for low-risk merchants.

Employee Owned

For the last 40 years, every processor’s goal was to sign as many merchant accounts as quick as they possibly could, and then sell to the highest bidder. This left thousands of merchants vulnerable to a big corporation that drastically increased their processing rates to get the quickest return on their investment. Being employee-owned, ColorCo only employs lifelong, honest and ethical career merchant services representatives — meaning we’re in this for the long haul.

Qualification-Based Processing

All our merchants endure a multi-point qualification process to ensure their continued low-risk longevity. Unlike other processing companies, ColorCo reviews all of our current merchants every few years to ensure our portfolio remains the lowest risk in the industry.

Fight Chargebacks

By creating a processing company full of merchants with low chargebacks, we can fight the few that come our way — with a vengeance. From creating the proper preventative procedures to utilizing our in-house chargeback attorney, we will fight your chargeback tooth and nail. We even have a history of hiring a private investigator to ensure we win for you. After all, we believe your relationship with your processor shouldn’t end once you’re up and running.

Only True Career Processing Professionals

ColorCo knows how important your time is.

To protect it, we have compiled a team that is wholly qualified to help you. Our founders combined have decades of experience in the industry and hold multiple degrees in accounting and business. Our senior account executives are required to have over five years of credit card processing experience in addition to a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in accounting or business.

Together, we have qualified thousands of merchants for low-risk processing, and we’re just getting started. Because we hold our senior account executives to such high standards, we want to make sure their time is also used efficiently and effectively, which is why each senior account executive has their own support team of appointment setters and canvassers.

By doing this, we’ve done the vetting for you and, consequently, are able to connect you with the most qualified and experienced merchant services representative in your area.

How COVID-19 Set Us Apart

During COVID-19, Visa and Mastercard released statistics that illustrated credit card processing revenue from medium- to small-sized business decreased by 40% during the pandemic, proving there was a huge payment shift in the e-commerce industry. Credit card processing companies across the country saw a sudden decrease in revenue, which occurred largely because of decreasing restaurant and retail revenue. Another study by Transaction magazine (digital) showed that in April of 2020, eight of the top 10 largest credit card processors in the country issued a substantial rate increase on all their merchant accounts to make up for their lost revenue. You won’t find any such practices here. ColorCo has been processing credit cards for only low-risk businesses for over seven years, which means we have never once increased our rates to increase our profits.