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Unmatched POS Systems

As the tools that manage your transactions — from accepting payments to protecting customer data — point-of-sale systems are an integral part of secure, efficient businesses. Addressing your needs directly, our team of specialists will help identify the right equipment for you.

Standalone Terminal

Our straightforward, standalone terminal is a simple, affordable processing option that covers the basics: secure payment processing, speedy transactions and fast receipts. This service also avoids the need for lengthy employee training, as all functions are available with just a tap.

Smart Terminal

From restaurants to retail brands, smart terminals offer a variety of features to overhaul your business, including monitor analytics, loyalty data for direct marketing and one-touch representative help. It conveniently resupplies paper as well; just tap a button on the terminal and free paper will arrive within 24–48 hours.

Wireless Terminal

Our wireless terminals are designed for on-the-go usage, giving merchants such as contractors, tradesmen or owners of pop-up stores the freedom of full flexibility — no more long waits for clearance or bulky equipment.

Complete Point-of-Sale

Our Clover POS systems are designed to effortlessly automate your daily tasks, including payroll and calculating taxes, while providing unmatched accuracy and safeguarding your security. They are a true all-in-one solution, equipped with management tools, advanced analytics, reward programs, a cash drawer, an order processing screen and much more.