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Catapult Customer Retention

Driving word-of-mouth marketing, our loyalty scheme is centered on nurturing your growth. A program add-on, this product is designed to enhance revenue, reel in new customers, and nurture sustainable growth, building a community of loyal buyers. With an ultra-simple set-up process, we make customer loyalty simple.

Key to Lucrative, Future-Proof Business


No complex systems. No mental gymnastics. Just an easy-to-use solution, offering a fast-track route towards profitable, customer-oriented businesses.

Kickstart Growth

Offering low-risk merchants the lowest fees available, our loyalty scheme is designed to aid your business goals – no matter how ambitious. Whether you’re looking to expand your customer base, create stellar customer experiences, or enhance revenue, tap into a new way to pay.


At ColorCo, we’re all about doing a few things very well. With bespoke programs available, you can create an all-in-one package, featuring only the products that you need. Simply consult your local rep, select your products of choice, and we’ll handle the rest.


Centered on ease-of-use, this product is compatible with your terminals, and your customer’s credit cards.


Fostering a culture of unmatched customer service, our loyalty program goes beyond enhancing your profit margins. Boosting footfall, increasing visit frequency, and offering an incentive, show your customers that you care.

Tap Into Uncapped Success

A must-have product for businesses of all sizes, loyalty programs offer immeasurable benefits for companies seeking maximum flexibility, profit margins, and traffic, coupled with minimum time commitments.