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Explore On-the-Go Payments

Broaden your customer base, boost your revenue, and lead the curve, with mobile solutions with a difference. Compatible with digital wallets, we’re going the extra mile to place you at the forefront of your industry, complete with the unbeatable low fees we’re known for.

Broaden Your Customer Base

Ultra Secure

As technology evolves, so do cybersecurity concerns. Offering unparalleled security options, we push boundaries on what can be achieved through airtight solutions, using a range of technologies to protect you and your customers from sophisticated threats.

Complete Fexibility

An essential service for professionals who take on-the-go payments, namely tradesmen, this tool allows you to process transactions from anywhere, providing you are connected. Accepting all types of payment, we’re driving day-to-day efficiency.

Ease of Use

Working hand-in-hand with your customer’s needs, we’ll help you accept all payments, from credit cards and debit cards, through to Apple Pay. With a pocket-sized card reader, it’s never been easier to accept payments.

Endless Benefits

Beyond simply accepting on-the-go payments, this solution was built to play a vital role in your administration to-do list. With a seamless getting-started process, you’ll be instantly ready to accept one-tap payments, issue receipts, offer discounts, and much more.

Rich Insights

Putting you in the driver’s seat, stay in the know with advanced analytics. Whether you’d like one-click access to your pending transactions or an overview of this month’s revenue, you can do it all through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Tommorow's Technologies

Connected to an all-in-one dashboard, take control of your behind-the-scenes. From creating orders to issuing invoices, do it all with ColorCo solutions.

Quickbooks Integration

Accounting Software

Meet all the accounting needs for your business by integrating with Quickbooks. Our exclusive Quickbooks integration gives you the ability to create, send and collect invoices, in addition to the ability to reconcile transactions. Save time and be more efficient by opting for email invoices, enrolling in automated payments, and managing recurring billing. We integrate with both online and software QuickBooks integration making your accounts receivable a breeze.